Humanities & Sciences
Department of Humanities and Sciences:
"The department of H&S was started in the year 2010. The department has dedicated and experienced faculty. Well-furnished staff rooms are provided in sufficient number, to accommodate the staff. Most of the faculty members have doctoral and post doctoral degrees. The faculty is encouraged to undergo productive research work in various areas of sciences."

The Department has a holistic vision imparting knowledge in various streams of Humanities and Sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, management Science and English.              

  • To mould the students of different back grounds and various abilities after their intermediate level by inculcating technically oriented professional studies and training.
  • To make the students understand the basic principles and concepts of physics thoroughly that is essential for successful engineers with environmental awareness.
  • Chemistry is a fascinating field to apply the basic principles to convert materials to value added products with engineering methods to deal on a large scale.
  • To improve the managerial skills of budding Engineers and make them improve their management skills
  • To improve spoken and written and communication skills of students and improve their fluency in English and also to enable them to develop their Reading and listening comprehension abilities,and  to develop their ‘Communicative Competence’in English

To strengthen and supplement the knowledge base in the core engineering Subjects so as to enable the students to have a better understanding of their subjects and become better professionals and have lucrative careers.

  • To provide a well organized platform in their academic development. Motivate and attract students towards research and engineering developments. Teach mathematical  values to increase the mathematical interests, to undertake research and to produce new innovations in Science and Engg.
  • To motivate and train the students to acquire the required knowledge for engineering application by giving necessary inputs in theoretical skills of physics.