Mining Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering is a complex and interdisciplinary field that includes elements of geological, civil, mechanical, and materials engineering. A Mining engineer ensures that mining is carried out efficiently and safely while maintaining sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Mining is the removal of minerals from ground to provide the raw materials and energy resources needed to sustain modern civilization.

The department has Long Wall models, Shaft models, Total Survey Station and Mine layout models. The department strives to remain in the forefront of technology related to mining and natural resources engineering. Students of Mining are given field experience with conducting of laboratories and different mine visits.

The department receives generous support from Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL). Moreover students are gaining knowledge from guest lectures by officials who are worked in various reputed organizations.


  • Strengthening Education and Research in Major Field of Mining Engineering.
  • The department aims to lead students to acquire the practical knowledge and meet the industry standards.
  • It is in the long line of industry oriented education with commitment to meet the ever  growing need of high quality mining engineers.


  • The mission of the mining engineering degree program is to continue to improve and quality undergraduate and gradute programs supported by an upto date curriculum, innovative research and to produce technically competent mining engineers to possess team skills and are cognizant of the changing needs of an environmentally sensitive society.
  • Up gradation of Mining Engineering Education to Meet the Challenges of the Mining Industry in terms of increase in production of Minerals from Opencast and Underground mines at competitive costs using newer technologies, keeping in view the Conservation & Environmental Protection, and also to develop the capabilities in Surface and Underground Mining Technology
  • To identify and implement proven, prevention oriented, forward looking solutions to critical scientific and technological problems in Mining Engineering.