Computer Science & Engineering


To become a centre of repute and produce globally competent computer professionals for catering to the ever-changing needs of the industry and society.


  • To develop innovative, competent and ethically strong computer engineers to meet global challenges through well designed curriculum, innovative teaching and learning methodologies.

  • To inculcate research temper to solve real world problems by providing state-of-art facilities and industry-institute collaboration.

  • To produce responsible professionals with leadership qualities, managerial ability, team spirit, social consciousness, human values and ethics.

"Computer technologies are undergoing a rapid revolution. The amount of growth that has occurred in computer technology in the past half century is staggering. In this high-tech era, computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations."

The computer science and engineering department of the college works with a motto of "Excellence in Computing Technology" stresses on strong understanding of theoretical concepts along with the practical experience with several challenging assignments and Projects. Computer Science and Engineering Department has developed State-of- the-art laboratories in various fields of computer Science and engineering.The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2010. The Department offers a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Scienceand Engineering with an intake of 60.


  • The Department has 10 teaching faculty including 03 doctorates.
  • The areas of expertiseare Data Analytics, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Software Testing Methodologies, Network Security, Digital Image Processing, Image and Information Retrieval, Pattern Recognition, neural Networks,Software Engineering, Cloud Computing etc.
  • The Department has 300 state of the art computers. There are 04 well established laboratories with high end servers and UPS.