bbullet Surveying Lab

The Surveying laboratory enables the students to understand and practice the basic principles of surveying by conducting field exercises using a wide spectrum of surveying equipment ranging from traditional dumpy levels, tilting level, compass, transits, plane table and theodolites to the latest electronic auto level, digital theodolite, Total station and GPS. This laboratory covers data collection methods including surveying, profile leveling, contouring,compass traversing, laying out of curves, base line measurement and triangulation.

Major Equipments

  • Total Station
  • Theodalites
  • Dumpy Levels
  • Auto Levels
  • Cross Staffs
  • Level Staffs
  • Chains
  • Tapes
  • Ranging Rods
  • Clinometers
  • Planimeter
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Trough Compass
  • Arrows
  • Plane Tables


This laboratory deals with the testing of materials for their strength and stiffness. Building materials such as steel, timber are tested to know their response under applied loads with respect to strength, stiffness, deflection and bending. Student will be exposed to testing of materials and interpretation of test results in terms of material suitability to the intended consruction. This laboratory has got the following tests and equipment.

Major Equipments

  • UTM – Universal Testing Machine
    • Tension test
    • Shear test
    • Compression test
  • Simply Supported Beam
  • Cantilever Beam
  • Rockwell Hardness Test Machine
  • Brinell Hardness Test Machine
  • Impact, Izod Test Machine
  • Spring Test Machine
  • Torsion Test Machine
  • Maxwell Reciprocal Test Machine
  • Electric Resistance Gauge ( Strain Gauge)

bbullet Geo-Technical Lab

Soil Testing is an integral part of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. Geotechnical laboratory consists of various equipment to test the soil. In this laboratory the student will be exposed to testing of soil and interpretation towards identification and suitability of soil to different intended construction projects. All physical and engineering properties of soils will be assessed in the laboratory.

Major Equipments

  • Tri-axial Shear Test Apparatus
  • Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  • Consolidation Test Apparatus
  • CBR Test Apparatus
  • Permeability Test Apparatus
  • UCS Test Apparatus
  • Vane Shear Test Apparatus
  • Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus
  • Field Density Apparatus
  • Hydrometer Analysis
  • Specific Gravity of Soil
  • Atterberg Limit Tests Apparatus
  • Sieve Shaker
  • Ovens

bbullet Concrete & Highway Material Testing Lab

The testing and inspection of concrete and concrete aggregates are important elements in obtaining quality construction. The laboratory allows the students to test and assess the various fresh and hardened concrete properties that may affect the performance of concrete members. There are many apparatus and machines available at the concrete technology laboratory like Sieve Shaker, Compression Testing Machine (CTM), Flexure Testing Machine (FTM), Compaction Factor Apparatus, Heat of Hydration apparatus, Permeability apparatus etc.

For the design the construction of highway and airfield, it is imperative to carry out tests on construction materials for their scientific designing and economic utilization. The prime objective of the different tests in use is to know and classify the pavement material into different group depending upon their physical and strength or stability characteristics. Marshall Stability Testing machine, ductility testing machine, penetration testing machine aggregate impact testing machine, abrasion testing machine, CBR testing machine are available in the laboratory.

Major Equipments

  • Computerized Compression Testing Machine (3000KN)
  • Compaction Factor Apparatus
  • Concrete Mixer-Pan Type(1 Cu.M)
  • Cement Mortar Mixing Apparatus
  • Sieve Shaker
  • Blaine’s Air Permeability Apparatus
  • Vicar’s Apparatus
  • Bulk Density Apparatus
  • Slump Cone
  • Weighing Balance(20Kg)
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
  • Bitumen Ductility Apparatus
  • Centrifuge Extractor
  • Bitumen Penetration Apparatus
  • Softening Point Apparatus
  • Flash And Fire Point Apparatus
  • Aggregate Impact Apparatus
  • Aggregate Crushing Apparatus
  • Density Basket
  • Length Gauge/Thickness Gauge
  • Pycnometer
  • Water Bath
  • Hot Air Oven

bbullet Environmental Engineering Lab

The Environmental Engineering laboratory practicals provide good insight into different experimental methods relevant to Environmental Engineering. In this laboratory, the students performs various tests on water and sewage samples to check their pH value, Total dissolved solids (TDS), BOD, COD, Total suspended particles etc. Testing of samples helps to assess the water quality standard of the region, pollution load in sewage and working efficiency of sewage and other water treatment units.

Major Equipments

  • pH Meter
  • Turbidity Meter
  • COD Heater
  • Oven
  • BOD Incubator
  • Refrigerator
  • Glassware
  • TDS Meter
  • Colorimeter
  •  Conductivity Meter

bbullet Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

This laboratory enables the student to practice on relevant software useful to civil engineering practice. The following software can be practiced in the laboratory. From this laboratory the student can able to practice building drawing, GIS tools and also structural analysis and design aspects.

Major Equipments

  • Auto CAD 2016
  • GIS
  • Staad Pro
  • Mat Lab

bbullet Engineering Geology Lab

The identification of different types of rocks, minerals and understanding their behavior are the major objectives of geology. Further, development of cracks, fissures in rocks, their causes and their remedies are to be learnt in this laboratory.

Major Equipments

  • Minerals
  • Rocks
  • 8 sets of minerals (10 in each) to show each physical properties of minerals
  • Charts consisting description of minerals and rocks
  • Structural Models

bbullet Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machinery is essential for all the scientists and engineers because they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics, force of fluid on structural surfaces, fluid transport. This fluid mechanics laboratory helps to understand these physical processes more closely. Various apparatus are available in the laboratory like, Verification of Bernoulli's theorem apparatus, venturi & Orifice meters, orifice & mouth piece apparatus, Flow over notches apparatus, vortex flow apparatus etc.

Major Equipments

  • Pelton Turbine
  • Francis Turbine
  • Orifice meter & Venturimeter
  • Reciprocating Pump/Centrifugal  Pump/Multistage Centrifugal Pump
  • Bernoulli’s Apparatus
  • Met centric Height Apparatus
  • Impact Of Jet On Vanes Apparatus
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Loss Of Head In Pipes Fitting
  •  Orifice /Mouth Piece
  •  Hydraulic Jump Apparatus
  •  Rectangular & V-Notch Apparatus/Adjustable Channel Apparatus